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4 year Soberversary

Today is my 4 year sobriety anniversary. I always like to go back to the beginning on this day and dig out some off the work I did while in treatment. I thought I would share this card that I wrote 4 years ago to identify what the “real” me was at the time and then I wrote what the “ideal” me would do and how to change that behavior or feelings. Blows me away how  over the span of  4 years almost all of these are second nature now. It reminds me that intentional behavior and hard work do pay off!!

Control freak  –> Ask for help, accept that there are many ways to do things.

Impatient –> work on slowing my mind down with breathing exercises. See things from another perspective.

Dismissive –>  really listen and hear what the person is saying, think on reaction/ judgement before acting. 

Liar –> work diligently to live an honest lifestyle. Be okay with messing up and admit when I have done wrong.

Selfish –> Know that not everything can go my way. Be kinder of others’ needs and feelings. Work on empathy. Do things for others that doesn’t “benefit” me. Work on service.

Codependence with my mom –>Scheduling better, give her space to grow and find herself in her new stage of life.

Communication with Billy –> respect him as my husband, father to Skylar and best friend. Share my opinions and everyday issues and happenings. Be open and humble. Show weaknesses and vulnerabilities.

Lack of self-esteem –> activities to boost energy (gym, yoga) Daily affirmations. Keep working with therapy & techniques.

Avoid conflict –>  face issues head on. Don’t be afraid to speak my mind- let others know what I need.

Loner –> make sure I have people (family, friends) in my life consistently. Be active in community and stay in touch with people.

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